Digitalization of the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor chips

The company was founded in 1987 and is the world’s largest contract manufacturer of semiconductor chips and one of the largest companies in Taiwan. Beijer Electronics and Korenix have collaboratively provided a digitalization solution for the company’s production process. The company’s clients include Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, AMD, Nvidia and others. The customer has rolled out a facility digitalization plan to enhance their production capability by use of big data and predictive maintenance.

A clean room environment is critical for the customers high yield production and in four foundries there are more than 3,500 dry pumps in each, with 12 different types of models and specifications. Beijer Electronics has provided a customized solution that allows all pumps to be connected to a centralized data management system enabling big data and predictive maintenance. 


They produce semiconductors 24/7 and need to keep an extremely clean environment in manufacturing premises to keep their pace and quality. They need a lot of dry pumps to keep the environment clean all the timesays Andrew Chen, product manager.  


Semiconductor chips – from mobile devices to automotive electronics

The customer’s semiconductors serve a large, diverse global customer base and includes a wide range of applications. The products are used in a variety of end markets including mobile devices, high-performance computing, automotive electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT). The company provides its partners and customers with the highest level of technology by innovative solutions for the global semiconductor industry. 

Customized solution for device and data management 

Beijer Electronics in collaboration with Korenix have provided the company with a custom solution allowing all dry pumps to be connected to the company’s IT systems. Our solution has enabled the customer to read and receive data from all these different types of pumps. It includes advanced dry pump real-time monitoring with a 5G network and sends data to company’s existing MES and SCADA systems. The new solution has ensured the customer’s data to be correct, delivered in the requested format, in real-time. 

C# script tool for the dry pump protocols

Our Box2 devices read data from the dry pumps via a custom-tailored data communication protocol. Data is transferred via Korenix 5G routers and Ethernet switches to the customer’s IT and shop-floor management system. The new solution provided by Beijer Electronics supported SECS driver and the most popular IT protocols, meaning that reports are compiled in familiar excel format.

“All companies in the semiconductor industry are using a certain protocol and Beijer Electronics’ Box2 base devices already have this protocol preinstalled by default. Although, when we implemented our solution in the customer’s field site, we still needed to do some modifications to fulfill their demands” says Andrew Chen, product manager. 

The over-all implementation of the solution was done in collaboration with a local system integrator where Korenix FAEs have provided on-site support for the managed 5G router set-up and Beijer Electronics’ software product managers have assisted in developing the dry pump protocol by C# scripting in Beijer Electronics’ iX software and customization of the SECS driver. 

Results and new opportunities

Beijer Electronics and Korenix have provided a modern high-tech turnkey solution which has enhanced production capability for the world’s largest contract manufacturer of semiconductor chips by use of big data and predictive maintenance. The implementation of the solution started in November 2021 and the completion of the project is scheduled for the end of 2023.


Learn more about the products in this solution:

• BoX2 base
• JetNet 2005 Switch
• JetWave 2512 industrial 5G router

• iX software




Customer challenges

• Enhance production capability by use of big data and predictive maintenance
• Collect data from four foundries with more than 3,500 dry pumps in each
• Different dry pumps type models and communication protocols
• Transfer data to the company's IT and shop-floor management system

Why Beijer Electronics

• Ability to custom-tailor communication protocols via C# script tool
• Provide secure 5G network which can send data to the existing MES and SCADA systems
• Reliable industrial communication products
• FAE and product management support
• OT/IT knowledge

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