Antec Biogas extract green energy out of organic waste with advanced technology

Antec Biogas is specialized in creating profitable biogas production out of organic waste. The innovation increases the gas output up to 98% and enabling green energy and higher ROI. With an advanced control system Antec Biogas can assure a successful and profitable process for their customers.


What it is all about

Located in Oslo, Norway, Antec Biogas in assistance with the Norweigan University of life sciences, have developed a solution which mimic the process found in nature when turning biogas out of biomass. Organic waste produces methane, a high energy gas, that if harnessed, can be used for heating, generating electricity or as fuel. According to Antec Biogas, the biological waste is potentially the largest untapped energy revolution in our century, and it comes with a massive positive environmental impact. Traditionally the investment to create biogas has been high compared to the outcome, but with a new innovative biogas reactor - this is about to change.  

Creating the best conditions 

To optimize the bacterial growth and gas output the system from Antec Biogas grinds, mixes and heats the biomass to the optimal temperature. While inside the reactor, the bacteria grow and produce methane gas in the process. Compared to previous technology, Antec Biogas has been able to decrease the amount of time for the process from 21 days to 7 days – which increases the ROI and brings higher profitability. Another important factor to create the optimal conditions is the mix of biomass. Therefore, an optimal recipe for the best possible gas output is important. 

Securing a successful process 

With an advanced control system from Beijer Electronics the operator can adjust the temperature, flow speed and combination of biomass that is fed to the reactor. The overall control of a biogas facility is done either through a X2 HMI or BoX2 controller, both offering owerful CODESYS PLC functionality. The frequency inverters control a precise dosage of biomass and the I/Os feed the control system with data from the process, while a Tosibox is used for remote access.


Local or remote access 

The biogas reactor can be controlled and monitored either locally, or remotely from the Antec Headquarters in Oslo. This allows Antec Biogas to optimize every aspect of the biogas production, resulting in up to 98% gas extraction. The depleted biomass is ready to be used as a biofertilizer without the need for any additional fermentation and can replace artificial fertilizers – enabling a greener process overall.

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