Operator communications

Operator communication

Create leading, interactive, user-experiences for any environment enabled by strong, stylish, smart HMIs and open software.

Operator communication is all about creating the best possible interaction between operator and machine, whatever the application or environment, and no matter how extreme. Our HMIs have all required specifications and certifications can communicate with any kind of PLC or controller and send data to the cloud for analysis and optimization. They are driven by open software and include all necessary functions.

Whether you are looking for a basic setup or have an application in extreme, rugged conditions, we have a solution for you.


Charlotte Grane
Product Manager
Operator Communication


Here are some of the places Beijer Electronics has an impact on your everyday life

Controlling an entire production facility from a single X2 HMI

JT Mekaniske, a supplier of equipment for the fish industry, uses modern CODESYS-based technology to control an entire production facility from a single X2 HMI.

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I consider the X2 series HMIs to be reliable and stable. An operating technician works with about 60 plants, so it is important that the HMIs are user-friendly and that the information is easy to access. Our operators really appreciate working with X2 panels.

Marcus Hasselgren
Plant Manager
Simrishamn water treatment

Here are some of the places Beijer Electronics has an impact on your everyday life

Solving a sub-zero challenge

Permafrost temperatures and constant vibrations in a rugged marine environment. Optimal conditions for a rugged HMI visualizing critical operation in one of the world’s largest industrial undertakings in the Arctic.

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The HMI programming has been very straightforward, easy to learn, and we found the online support very useful. We got it up and running within 25 minutes, and there was no need for programming expertise to get started.

Simon Webb
Managing Director
Tidy Planet Limited

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