X2 web

X2 web HMI panels with built-in HTML5 web client

X2 pro web & X2 extreme web for industrial applications

The X2 web HMI panels within the X2 pro and X2 extreme families are perfect HMI panels for enterprises and users who wants to utilize HTML5 web technologies in industrial environments. The X2 web HMI panels offer visualization with Chromium Kiosk mode operation of single browser window web pages from SCADA systems, PLCs or other devices with built-in web servers.

The X2 web HMI panels enable enterprises and users to visualize the same web content across different target platforms such as HMI, mobile, tablet, pc, etc. without any conversion or re-engineering. The X2 web HMI panels have the same industrial grade quality hardware as the iX based X2 pro and X2 extreme HMI panels offering extensive certification and environmental durability.


 X2 pro web

X2 pro web HMIs are high performance industrial HMIs with built-in HTML5 web client, strong standard certifications as well as extended classes of marine certifications.


X2 pro web

 X2 extreme web

X2 extreme web HMIs are rugged high performance industrial HMIs with built-in HTML5 web client. Designed and certified to perform in extreme outdoor environments and in hazardous areas.


X2 extreme web

WebIQ and X2 web HMI

Explore the combination of web innovation and industrial excellence.

Cross-platform mobile applications

HTML5 is a next-generation web coding language. HTML5 appears the same across all platforms and browsers, simplifying coding and is faster and more adaptive to users. HTML5 includes detailed processing models to encourage more interoperable implementations; it extends, improves and rationalizes the markup available for documents. HTML5 is also a candidate for cross-platform mobile applications, because it includes features designed with low-powered devices in mind.



Robust aluminum housing

Robust aluminum housing with IP65/IP66, NEMA 4X/12 and UL Type 4X/12 front. Resistant to direct rain, snow or wash-downs, dirt, grime and dust.


Wide operating temperature

The wide -10°C to +60°C (X2 pro web) and -30°C to +70°C (X2 extreme web) operating temperature range satisfies the demands of most industries.


UL, CE, FCC and KCC certificates

The entire X2 range offers a strong standard certification with UL, CE, FCC and KCC certificates.


Detailed information

Marine certifications

The X2 panels meet extended classes of marine certifications not normally carried by HMIs, making them suitable for all onboard locations.


Detailed information


Custom design or non-branded

Profile your brand or go for neutral. X2 panels offer custom designed or non-branded front foils, as alternatives to the standard Beijer Electronics branded versions.


Learn more about custom designed front foils


Wide screen format

X2 panels offer wide screen format, designed to succeed the traditional 4:3 square aspect ratio.

Download data sheet

Read more about X2 web HMIs in our data sheets.



X2 web datasheets

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